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Brink of Sanity [userpic]

May 26th, 2010 (12:05 am)

Today's topic: Why am I Such a Hot Mess?

My back has been giving me a LOT of pain. Last weekend at work I wanted to cry everytime someone asked me to get them a bolt of vinyl. On Monday, I went to Urgent Care where they charged me $50 to tell me I didn't have kidney stones. This does NOT include the charge I am expecting for the CT scan which will probably make the national debt look payable. The only good thing to come out of the exam was 10 lortabs which I am squirreling away until I have to go back to work.

My rant for the day: I can't get pain pills because of all the addicts who lie, cheat, and steal to get prescriptions. The specialist I saw today won't prescribe drugs on the first visit. This is ridiculous!! I am in freaking pain!! Just because there are people who abuse the system, all of us who need the drugs are punished. It pisses me off. I know the doctors are doing their best, but there really are some of us who could legitimately benefit from narcotics. For me, this is the difference between working or sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself.

/rant: Ok, now that I have THAT off my chest...I am scheduled to get injections in my back. They inject something into the sensory nerves that numbs them. It sounds horribly suspicious, but I had it done before and I have been pain free for almost 3 years. The doctor that performed the procedure isn't there anymore. I was afraid to ask why. What if he was kicked out of the medical profession because he accidentally killed someone? What if the new doctor has pending lawsuits? I don't know, it bothers me that he seems to have a lazy eye.

And don't get me started on my car. Or my phone service.