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Brink of Sanity [userpic]

June 4th, 2010 (12:16 am)

Last night I was running register when the front doors came open and hurrican force winds knocked over everything in its path. They had to lock those doors and only allow customers in throught the side doors. Then, the lights blinked and the registers went down hard. My manager tried to reboot them, but no luck. She finally got on the intercom and said the registers were not working and it would be at the very least 20 minutes before we could check anyone out. I was amazed that the majority of people in line continued to stand there.

The registers never did come up again. It was lightning, windy, and the tornado sirens were going off, but by God, people needed their fabric!! I measured it out and then had to put it on hold for them to pick up the next day when they would be able to pay for it. Who in their right mind goes out in this kind of weather? A lot, obviously. I was trying to figure out if I could fit under the counter if a tornado came while the customers were trying to guess how much fabric they needed.