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Brink of Sanity [userpic]


June 21st, 2010 (12:08 am)

I didn’t let him in the door until he promised he wouldn’t take anything precious. He crossed his heart. He wanted comfort, nothing more. Robbery was tiring work. He slept in a corner, curled up. When he awoke, he was famished. I cooked him eggs and toast. I kept an eye on him. He kept his hands to himself. The silver candlesticks were still on the table. The pearl brooch was at my throat.

He made a list of all the things he’d taken. He wanted redemption and faith and I offered him both. When daylight came I asked him to stay. I could see from his face this had happened to him before. Women wanted to rob him of the life he led, the road, the dark night, the open windows, the stars. The whole world belonged to him. When he left he swore he’d be back. It didn’t matter. He’d already taken everything I had.

Alice Hoffman